Most citizens used to work remotely for several months. Many continue this practice till today and some do not want to return in dusty stuffy office. Actually it is a productive idea, but not every team and company is productive in their current working mode.

It is never too late to learn to write. The main thing is not to stop and continue trying. You should start with the title. If you cannot catch the reader from the first minutes, then it is harder to keep their interest not to switch to the social networks feed.

Sometimes limits have sense. Social media try to implement new interfaces in order to make them more convenient and less arguable. Whether it has success everyone decides by their own. We see more positive result in following information than negative impact.

The weekly global ads cases investigation shows how brands are using smart PR strategies to creatively engage communities, support society and provide relief.

Paid advertising on social media is a boom of recent years. A blogger, a small or medium business owner – everyone is looking for new ways to reach an audience. They spend huge budgets on it, but is it worth it? The truth is that social media will be on the wave of popularity coming soon in several years, especially after a change in consumer habits.

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