Adding value to email marketing will be extremely important in outreach to Generation Z. The continued dominance of email as a marketing channel is elevated further in a time when people are paying more attention to their inbox in real-time than ever before. But that doesn’t mean marketers don’t need to keep abreast of new technologies and tactics.

As more businesses strive to increase their presence online, there is a need for professionals to present their skills, services, accomplishments, and personality, all in one space. To present a brand professionally, professionals – whether they are vloggers, bloggers, photographers, or videographers – should have a well-presented document that explains key aspects of a brand.

Alina Birkun, an expert in the corporate communications department of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, talks about important global trends that we could have missed, and which marketing tools should not even be mentioned.

Working at a company with low morale can be dreadful. Whether your workplace is suffering through lay-offs, the fear of lay-offs, poor management or just a dispiriting culture of mistrust, you, brave communicator, can improve morale.

The growth of the TikTok user base is ahead of all other social platforms. TikTok was downloaded 100 million times between March 20 and April 28, 2020, during self-isolation, which drastically increased the already high popularity of this platform.

The legal fight between fast-food giant McDonald’s and its former CEO continues to be acrimonious. This could have Public Relations ramifications for both the brand and the embattled ex-boss.

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