Social media are expansionists towards people and their life. Their area grows with the appearance of new social media platforms as they soon become viral and replenish the list of apps people use every day. One of such newcomers is TikTok. Created in 2016 it has become popular in the last couple of years.

Pandemic has increased the importance of companies’ websites as the honeypots for the customers. The latter are no more caught by stylish showrooms and impressive offices but eye-catching and useful websites. Here are some tips how to make you website better.

After months of working from home, and with many more months to go for most companies, keeping employees, customers and partners connected is more important now than ever before. One way brands are looking to stay engaged is through podcasting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal for many—but perhaps few people have seen their lives turned upside down quite as much as owners of small service-oriented businesses. Shutdowns to “slow the spread” forced many businesses to close their doors for weeks, or even months.

The death of the cookie represents a fundamental change in how marketers interact with and personalize messages to consumers. Tracking how people browse the internet, third party cookies produce valuable insight that marketers and publishers have used to create targeted ads based on individual behaviours.

Mid-autumn is the hot season in the marketing world. The stores are working on a Black Friday strategy and are planning seasonal sales. Buyers at this time make shopping lists and bookmark the desired goods. What do both parties expect and how the usual Friday sale turned out to be a world holiday?

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