Some writers repeat things over and over, again and again, ad nauseam, and then they go back to reinforce and reiterate the initial point they originally made in the first place. Annoying, no? Yet many business blog posts are crammed with such transgressions. Once you see the problem, it’s simple to fix.

Today, it takes a bit more sizzle to grab a customer’s attention. If your company is keen to separate from the competition—and connect with a tech-savvy audience—augmented reality (AR) is certainly worth a shot.

Many content marketers have invested heavily in technology and marketing solutions to better measure their efforts. They’ve doubled down on AdWords and SEO. They have a CRM and are carefully watching customers slide through the acquisition funnel. However, PR pros can offer a unique angle for organizations looking to reach a targeted audience: an editorial mindset.

In a new year with old huge problems. Every year Internet users face new viruses and attacks as well as companies lack tools to protect yourself from information leakage or misfunction. In 2020 the situation will worthen, experts foresee.

Social media has emerged as one of the most important tools for public relations and marketing over the past decade. “Social media is not what it once was, and the most successful social media marketers will evolve their strategy based on where customers are and how they want to communicate,” says Convince & Convert Community Manager Christin Kardos.

Retire the term publicist and embrace the role of strategic communicator. It’s old-school and perpetuates a narrow stereotype of what public relations today actually is. In fact, it may be hurting you.

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