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How many years does ZeleniPR exist in the market?

GreenPR agency was founded in 2012. So far we have made a transition from a marketing startup to a steady development phase. The company has developed its own tradition of inventing creative solutions, project management and client service. 

Which areas and type of projects does ZeleniPR engage with?

GreenPR has experience in conducting effective communications campaigns in more than ten industries including: 

  1. Finance (Alpha-Bank Ukraine,  Web Money);
  2. Automobile (Сitroen Ukraine);
  3. Medical services (clinic Victoria);
  4. Content and Entertainment (videostream service Olltv, movie SelfieParty);
  5. Professional services (agency Perekladach);
  6. Beauty and Home products (chain store Kosmo and Aurum jewelry);
  7. Technology startups;
  8. FMCG;
  9. Electronics 
  10. Sport.

The key influential instruments GreenPR uses to meet the goals we set are Public Relations and Community Management. The PR segment comprises a number of solutions, including relationship management with bloggers and opinion leaders, organising events and press-conferences, media-tours, anticrisis communications or information campaigns.  


On what terms does the agency operate?

Clients can choose among two types of contracts - one-year contract with prolongation and a project contract. In the first case a team of specialists is provided to the client, who work systematically, successively and insistently to complete the set of tasks. The project approach means completion of a single communication campaign during thirty days (from the moment of signing a contract until project execution).

What kind of solutions does the agency offer?

Public Relations
Development and execution of communication campaigns
Anticrisis communications
Content creation: from a press-release to a music hit

Social media
Collaboration with opinion leaders
Promotion: advertisement and contests
Creation and development of Social Media pages

Mobile marketing
Development of landing pages
Development of dialogue campaigns based on smartphone apps
Implementation of mobile apps on Android and iOS

How do I grow my business on Social Media?

In order to promote your business-offers on Social Media it is best to create official brand pages. It is necessary to build a communication strategy for your target audience and regularly create interesting content in order to sustain interest in your organisation. It is also important to advertise your community. In this way you will be able to continuously increase the number of subscribers in your official group on a certain Social Media platform.

Can I advertise my website on Social Media?

Yes, for this you will need to create an ad campaign with relevant targeting, which will lead potential clients to your website.

How can I promote my product offers on Social Media?

You need to create product content on your official page in order to advertise it among subscribers. You can set up an ad campaign on all Social Media platforms.

Which Social Media are best to create Public Figure official pages?

The best platforms for this are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Which Social Media are best to create brand or company official pages?

The best platforms for such pages are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte and YouTube.

For which Social Media can I order the agency's services?

We work with all Social Media platforms.

How can I make a video about my company go viral?

A video can be promoted via opinion leaders, advertisement and publications in various Social Media.

Can I order video production?

Sure, you can order video production that will decently represent your business.

How much time does it take to create a mobile app?

It depends on the complexity of app development. For example, a simple mechanics for an app takes two weeks to create. Something more complicated can take around two months.

How much time does it take to create context advertisement?

It takes a week or two.

Can I order services for banner ads?

Yes, we have a designer, who can invent the creative part and pick the right size.

On which platforms can my business's banner ads be placed?

We can settle agreements to put your ads on relevant websites, which are thematically connected with your business. We will be also happy to advertise you on popular Ukrainian platforms if needed.

Can I advertise my business abroad?

Yes, we have experience working with foreign project in this area.

Can I order a landing page on a website or on the Internet?

Yes, we have specialists who can do this for you.

What is a White Paper and how can it help my company?

White Paper is a new interactive approach in marketing. The document resembles a free leaflet, which had interesting information for target audience, but is not a direct advertisement of your product. Commonly “white paper” is in PDF format, has 5 to 30 pages and is available for download on the web.

How much time does it take to develop a strategy for a social promotion campaign?

Two weeks will be enough, but it depends on the scale of the project.

Can I order a long-read on most popular Ukrainian online-platforms?

Yes, we have specialists who can do that.

Can I order articles and interviews on various Ukrainian publications?

Of course, we know how to communicate to journalists and publishers.

What do we need to popularise our promotion campaign or event in Ukraine?

You need to make a series of publications in media and on Social Media platforms. It is also important to understand that extra expenses on advertisement are needed as well.

Can I order advertisement articles for my company promotion?

Yes, we offer the services of professional writers, journalists and editors, who can create quality materials for your company.

How can I address critical situations concerning my company’s reputation?

You should be prepared for them in advance. We can provide effective resistance to negativity on Social Media and other Internet-platforms. Our agency has also connections to media representatives and various authoritative publications.