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Peace, Labor, May


The answer to the question "Why is Europe and the New World rich while we are poor?" can be found in Max Weber's work "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism." The thesis of the German philosopher is that the Reformation in the 16th century created a new type of social contract. At the heart of this contract was the concept of "predestination," which meant that Protestants would unquestionably go to heaven after death. Therefore, they were the avant-garde of God on earth, their work was prayer, and its results were a sign from God that they were on the right path, and the money they earned was not theirs but God's. Conscientious work, thrift, and projects that exceeded the duration of human life (such as building cathedrals that took centuries) eventually accumulated significant capital for these social groups, which became fuel for the industrial revolution and scientific-technical progress. Countries are classified by their income. Unfortunately, Ukraine was not fortunate. Our version of Christianity became Orthodoxy, which says that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Moreover, Orthodoxy insists on the sacredness of power from God and promotes faith rather than critical thinking. The Soviet Union, by taking away people's property, vulgarized work and severed the connection between it and the results. That is why May Day in Zhadan's "Benefits of the Occupation Regime" turns into drunkenness. The author, a man from the East, knows what he is writing about. So what should we do? Should we become Mormons or go to May Day barbecues? In my opinion, we should orient ourselves towards Grigory Skovoroda's concept of "kindred labor." We should do what our soul desires, with interest and devotion.

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