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Many Ukrainian businesses have already reopened after being closed at the beginning of the war. Since then, the communication has been completely changed. There are still a lot of PR-managers, who haven’t noticed it yet. Here is our list of the very basic advice for businesses.

Don’t be silent

The constant feeling of anxiety is being grown by daily air alarms, heavy shelling of Ukrainian cities and bad news. Therefore, you should communicate constantly and clearly with your audience. Tell them of your new schedule and post an announcement of it. Ukrainians will have the opposite feeling of stability. So, do not forget to empathize with people. Brand is the best friend, who will always support you!


Show your attitude with actions

Businesses cannot avoid talking about politics in Ukraine. The most beloved brands help the home front or the front right now. The refugees need clothes and food. For example, BETTERME created a tracksuit line with 50% of income being donated to the wounded or homeless children.


Tell stories of your heroes

Your activity will not be effective without well-coordinated team-members, So, mention to your audience of volunteer work and those who do it, with thankfulness. Such a kind of message will bring inspiration to the team.


Avoid every doubtful message…

…and stay careful with correspondences! War is quite a traumatic experience for Ukrainians. Therefore, very few people will love the idea of naming a dish “Chornobaivka Steak”. Not only because of overcooked meat.


And don’t forget to watch your being mentioned in social media

Since the quality of your communication is being judged by people:)

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The war in Ukraine in 2022 changed everything. It has become impossible to pretend that Russia's missile attacks on Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mariupol, murders of children, rape of women, and looting are all about big politics, while business stands aside as usual.


War continues not only on the front, but also online. You and your relatives could be attacked by hackers. The data may be stolen by enemy special forces. How online war goes in 2022? Let’s find out!