How to work for a foreign journalist in the zone of the Russian conflict?


The growth of Russian military aggression has attracted a lot of  journalists to Ukraine. The New York Times, BBC, The Washington Post, Reuters, The Guardian wrote about the war in Ukraine. By January 31 more than 400 journalists had applied for accreditation to work in the ATO zone.


Since February 18 separatists have been actively shelling Ukrainian military positions and settlements. In this situation, every journalist must know how to act at the forefront in all cases.


In October 2021 The Washington Post and Politico wrote about the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine. After these publications, many foreign journalists have come to Ukraine for materials. Not only journalists from neighbouring countries, but also many media representatives from the United States, Canada, Australia, Northern and Western Europe. Despite the fact that the term of receiving accreditation in the ATO protection zone is 30 days, the interest of them is still high. That far-fetched practice prevents journalists from providing truthful information about Ukraine in time. On having an information war between Ukraine and Russia, prompt processing of applications could significantly increase the awareness of foreigners. A bridge can be built between the situation in eastern Ukraine and foreign readers.


While staying in the ATO zone, please, remember of war! On February 18, the separatists resumed provocations at the frontline. In a day, government officials, deputies and journalists were under their artillery fire. Luckily, no one was injured. This is a call of the danger increase to the media in the ATO zone.


Some tips will help you avoid misunderstandings and possibly traumatic situations. Helmet, bulletproof vest and first aid kit - must have. Apply for accreditation in advance of arrival in Ukraine. Find a coordinator who will help organise the work at the frontline. If there is a necessity to go on the temporarily occupied territory, it should be done through the Ukrainian checkpoints. Otherwise, you violate Ukrainian law. The most important point is! Follow the requests and advice of the Ukrainian military. An unsuccessful videoshot could target separatist shelling.

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The war in Ukraine in 2022 changed everything. It has become impossible to pretend that Russia's missile attacks on Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mariupol, murders of children, rape of women, and looting are all about big politics, while business stands aside as usual.


Many Ukrainian businesses have already reopened after being closed at the beginning of the war. Since then, the communication has been completely changed. There are still a lot of PR-managers, who haven’t noticed it yet. Here is our list of the very basic advice for businesses.