The world is changing so rapidly that businesses should be as creative as possible to conquer the market. In order not to lose in this game with volatile rules companies should be those who set these rules. This way they would be nearer to the future than others, as they set the rules others will be following in a couple of years. Such companies are called trendsetters.


TIME has chosen the 100 most influential companies in 2021. There are companies in sectors including health care, entertainment, transportation, technology, etc. TIME has evaluated such key factors as relevance, impact, innovation, leadership, ambition and success. According to the evaluation, companies were split into categories: Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans, and Disruptors.

The first category called Pioneers include such new businesses as Hello Sunshine, Roblox, Flutterwave, Savage X Fenty, Rad Power Bikes and others. Some of them sell clothes or design dating apps, others create computer games or stop cyber-crimes. And they all are looking for new narratives for communicating their products and services.

The category of Leaders includes NBA, Apple, Delta, Pfizer and Biotech, SONY Group Corporation, Nike, Maersk, Twitter, etc. This category consists of well-established companies in IT sphere, pharmaceutical industry, transportation, and sportswear production.

Next category is called Innovators and here are those whose innovative ideas have already become popular worldwide. These are Zoom and Netflix who are booming in the pandemic times, TikTok, IKEA, Adidas, and others.

The category of Titans represents businesses who are real mammoths of their markets. Some of them were founded long ago. Here are Disney, General Motors, Microsoft, Samsung. Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba are also included in the list of this category.

Last category is named Disruptors as companies added here tend to ruin the trends and stereotypes and make historical changes. Such companies are SpaceX, Clubhouse, Tesla Inc., Huawei, Coursera, etc.

Obviously, this diversification does not cover all the possible directions of companies’ success and influence. However, it represents probably the brightest sides of each group of companies.

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The war in Ukraine in 2022 changed everything. It has become impossible to pretend that Russia's missile attacks on Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mariupol, murders of children, rape of women, and looting are all about big politics, while business stands aside as usual.


Many Ukrainian businesses have already reopened after being closed at the beginning of the war. Since then, the communication has been completely changed. There are still a lot of PR-managers, who haven’t noticed it yet. Here is our list of the very basic advice for businesses.