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Social media are expansionists towards people and their life. Their area grows with the appearance of new social media platforms as they soon become viral and replenish the list of apps people use every day. One of such newcomers is TikTok. Created in 2016 it has become popular in the last couple of years.

To some extent each social media platform is a small artificial world. Have you ever thought of one of these worlds being fully banned? Ryan Beard having 1.8 million followers on TikTok, hasn't. He spent a year growing that following. He threw everything he had into a career as a content creator. In summer 2020 the US government started to contemplate the possibility for TikTok to be banned. For such content creators as Ryan it was the possibility to lose everything.

Since the appearance of content creators platforms got power over them. Small algorithmic changes can make or tank an entire career. Every generation of online creators has been through some resembling crisis. In order to increase your job safety it is better to be on multiple platforms. 


TikTok, however, provides things that can’t be replicated anywhere else. For example, the algorithms that feed the page of recommendations, seem to reward good content with attention. The feed compiles large and small creators next to each other in an endless stream of videos.

When such TikTok online creators from the US as Ryan have found themselves under threat of losing their jobs they started to encourage their followers to subscribe to their pages on other social media platforms. In this case everything depends on whether you matter to your followers or not. If yes, they would try to connect with you on any platform.

In my opinion all social media platforms are too vague constructions to be fully trusted. Artificial worlds created by them can burst like a bubble any moment. So content creators should be ready to piece together their broken lives one day.

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