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Pandemic has increased the importance of companies’ websites as the honeypots for the customers. The latter are no more caught by stylish showrooms and impressive offices but eye-catching and useful websites. Here are some tips how to make you website better.

Precise your header

First attention is paid to the header. Sometimes marketers use a 2-part header pattern:

·       Part 1 includes what exactly the company does.

·       Part 2 includes how much better it does that than everyone else.

Basically, each company produces products or services to meet customers’ needs. So the header should explain what need the company is going to satisfy. In this case the visitors of the website quickly understand whether it fits their needs or not. Customers are not to search for the information needed through the website for a long and it also counts in favour of precise header.

Another point is that companies compete with each other and therefore should persuade their audiences in choosing each of them as the best among others. This is because the 2nd part of the website header should tell about the company’s unique qualities comparing to the others.

Obviously, this is not obligatory, more like an idea to be tested among the vast variety of others. It is impossible to distinguish the only way to win this run. So better is to be creative.

Make eye-catching picture

After the header potential customers look at the main picture of the website. And if it does not touch them emotionally, they will not be called to action, particularly, purchase. According to marketing psychology research findings, human eyes follow the eyes of others. And eyes of people on the main picture of the website will have the same influence.

Explain what people will get by clicking the signup button

Now your website visitor has already matched his/her needs with your products/services and been emotionally attached and called to action by the picture. It is time to do some actions. Often signup buttons are illustrated with such phrases as “Try now” or “Get started”. It may relate to free trial period for a software, for example. And such phrases do not actually explain what the customer gets by signing up. To avoid this the motivation should be clear. “Try now” should be changed for “Try for free” so that the customer is motivated to get this benefit.

In tough times of pandemic companies need to retain existing customers and attract new ones. To do this they should improve their websites as this communication channel becomes one of the main ones. And here the tips mentioned can aid.

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