Facebook brings the timeline back
Users will be able to choose the news feed mode that suits them:

  • regular, where all the interesting posts appear;
  • "Selected", where you can select the sources that interest you, and the news feed will be formed from them;
  • "Recent" – posts from people and pages in chronological order.

Facebook tests new Neighbors option
Users can allow FB to select a specific location to display messages, groups, products, and more from other people in your area. If Facebook rolls out this feature, it will allow the platform to improve hyperlocal targeting and collect more user data.

A map and calendar of your stories from the last three years have appeared in the Instagram archive. The agency sees this new feature as a cool opportunity for a variety of nostalgic competitive mechanics, for example. And it's nice to turn the cool moments of life.

Instagram launches shopping at IGTV
More and more business opportunities are appearing on social media. And if you're still not there, then you're still that dinosaur.

Netflix has stopped offering its 30-day free trial.

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After months of working from home, and with many more months to go for most companies, keeping employees, customers and partners connected is more important now than ever before. One way brands are looking to stay engaged is through podcasting.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal for many—but perhaps few people have seen their lives turned upside down quite as much as owners of small service-oriented businesses. Shutdowns to “slow the spread” forced many businesses to close their doors for weeks, or even months.