Over the last few years, crowd marketing has become a full-fledged tool for Internet marketing and SEO. The demand for this promotion method continues to grow rapidly.

To cut it short, crowd marketing is the posting of comments to promote a product or service in the various online communities where the target audience lives.

How does crowd marketing work?
The main goal is the mass promotion of the desired product (company, brand, personality, etc.) through the formation of public opinion about it. The information is posted: on thematic forums, communities, Q&A services, in comments under articles.

We register an account;
We choose a topical discussion;
We delve into human needs;
We solve the problem by mentioning the desired product or site.
To start a chain reaction of popularization, consumers must enter into a lively conversation, discussion. You need to write reviews in such a way that other buyers / customers start commenting on them. In the case of working with a well-known company that has a certain reputation, you need to direct the conversations in the right direction.

The use of crowd marketing should be as competent and careful as possible. The crowd is fascinated only in a number of niches with a large share of cold demand. When the decision is made not "here and now", but on the basis of some research on the topic.

What indicators can be expected and in what terms
Depending on the goals, the following results can be observed:

Positions growth, organic traffic growth, technical indicators of links, stimulation and formation of demand, increase of loyalty to the company.

Crowd marketing can also be helpful if you have recently started a business. There may be few or no reviews about you. This will encourage your customers to write a review. When there are already a few comments, it is more comfortable to leave yours.

Or if there are a lot of negative comments about your product / service. Positive comments will dilute the negative ones, and due to this the overall image will look much better.

The desired effect can be expected in an average of 3 months.

But you need to consider the number of links you leave per month. A couple of mentions on the forums will not give anything if you have a competitive niche in which competitors have hundreds or maybe thousands of links.

Crowd marketing is an effective tool for attracting an audience, but it is not suitable for every niche. Such promotion requires time and analysis of competition, but in an integrated approach with other methods of promotion will give a visible result in the form of increased traffic and visibility.

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