Innovation Agency Center42, CAPS Business School and the Happy Monday career portal have published HR Innovation Research – a study of key trends and challenges of the Ukrainian HR industry of the new decade related to technology and innovation.

The project involved more than 60 HR and L&D specialists of Ukrainian progressive companies in Ukraine, who have from 30 to 5000+ employees in IT, e-commerce, telecommunications, consulting, marketing, FMCG or retail.


Responsibilities of HR managers

78% of HR and L&D specialists said that the key role and responsibility of the HR manager in the near future will be to launch innovations in the company, as the introduction of innovations and technologies allows making HR processes more efficient.

According to the respondents, important responsibilities will also be training the team (73%) and establishing internal communication (69%). In particular, the pandemic has led to the fact that issues that have always been addressed by HR departments have become crucial for business in the context of the coronary crisis. Building transparent communication and creating a comfortable team atmosphere in which employees are less likely to feel isolated or disoriented about the future is critical to the success of organizations.

Technologies and innovative trends

57% of respondents believe that automation and digitalization will change the HR sector in the next 5 years due to the optimization of most HR processes within companies.

There is also an increasing demand for Big data (31%) and artificial intelligence (28%), which help to conduct better HR analytics and foster more efficient recruitment.

Formats of employment

90% of HR and L&D professionals believe that the future lies in a mixed type of cooperation, which provides permanent employment with a flexible schedule and the ability to work both remotely and from the office. Quarantine has also increased the demand for remote and project work.

Training and development

Under constant changes the ability of L&D function to form cultures of continuous training in the organization acquires special value. After the development of the coronary crisis, companies increasingly use internal expertise and practical programs during training. Flexibility and adaptability are identified as priority skills for HR and L&D staff.

General trends that will affect talent management

71% of respondents believe that new technologies inevitably change the HR landscape – increasing the efficiency of teams, automating HR processes, there is flexibility in the decision-making process.

Also, during quarantine, the demand for HR adaptation to external changes has increased rapidly due to new global challenges and opportunities. Instead, the focus on people as a trend turned out to be quite contradictory: some companies will continue to focus on "internal customer", i.e. employee, and some will focus on optimizing business processes due to this trend.

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