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Skyscanner invests in its brand
Skyscanner made up its mind to conduct rebranding to highlight its eco-friendly credentials and “redefine” its purpose with its largest marketing investment to-date.

The travel search site is looking to attract the “modern and sustainable” traveller as it moves from more functional advertising to emotional marketing.

Actually, Skyscanner is trying to build its brand and become eco-friendly consumers oriented company. As more people nowadays care about our environmental impact, the travel business is trying to establish itself as a leading face in the world of eco-friendly. It has already established a Greener Choices function where consumers can see the most carbon efficient flights.

The other new marketing pillar is “modern” which means helping consumers throughout the customer journey from inspiration to recording their trip.

All this is a part of Skyscanner’s belief that consumers “need much more” from travel companies than ever before – a trend that is set to continue. It is not wrong; TripAdvisor rebranded earlier this year to become more of a social networking site and easyJet launched an app that could help users identify holiday spots from Instagram.

It remains to be seen what plans Skyscanner has in the pipeline but what is clear is that this ambitious brand is ready to turn a corner from facilitator to leader in the travel market.

Coca-Cola uses new campaign to encourage more people to recycle

Coca-Cola is launching a marketing campaign that aims to remind people its bottles are recyclable and encourage them to recycle.

The campaign, titled ‘Round in Circles’ and created by agency Recipe, will appear in print and outdoor, with a focus on transport hubs. Launched to coincide with Recycle Now’s Recycle Week, it will also see the Coca-Cola London Eye turned green.

The creative features a range of Coca-Cola brands and presents information into circular artwork. The purpose is to demonstrate the company’s commitment to helping develop a circular economy.

Recycle Now has welcomed the move from Coca-Cola, saying it shows the company is “committed to making a difference to our environment”. And certainly working with the organization lends some rigour to its work.

But Coca-Cola has an inherent problem when it comes to the environment. It sells more than 100 billion single-use plastic bottles a year and there is little it can do about that.



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