The Superheroes School will get the super PR!


We have become the communication partner of the first Ukraine social franchise «Superhero School», which helps children, who stay at hospitals for a long time, to get superhero education.


According to statistics, more than 15,000 of children till the age of 3 to 18 are on inpatient treatment in 33 hospitals of Ukraine every year. Because of the departure from the educational process and lack of communication with classmates, they become socially unadapted, illiterate and unfit for life.

However, The Superheroes School will change this situation! Eugenia Smirnova the founder of The Superheroes School, has been achieving this goal for four years. Active development of the project began when the school was supported by «1+1 media» team and personally Natalia Moseychuk, who is the presenter of TSN and project «The education’s right».

The class was opened in the HIV / AIDS department in 2016. During the charity marathon on the Children’s Day in 2018, «The breakfast with 1 + 1» collected more than 650 thousand hryvnias for the opening of another class of the Superheroes School in the Department of Intensive and Efferent Therapy of Acute Toxication of the National Children’s Specialized Hospital «OKHMATDIT».

During this time, the organizers of The Superhero School were creating the standards, which became the basis for the whole set for implementation: brand-beech, instructions for teachers, classes’ rules, the methods of teaching, methodological norms, the system of motivation and answers to legal issues that may happen while organizing the school process in a medical facility. The essentisl feature of this social franchise is that it is free. The main requirement is to work on the principles of Small Heart With Art

The project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health, 1 + 1 Media, the Charitable Foundation of 1 + 1 Media «You Are Not Alone» , the US Embassy’s Democracy Support Fund in Ukraine.

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It is very difficult for huge companies to change something in marketing. Nevertheless, to keep pace with the world tempo they need to be flexible and more consumer oriented. Thus…


New technologies not only help businesses gain more money and reputation. Companies also try to be moral and beneficial for people, in this case – children